Maximizing Digital Face-Time During Covid-19 - Dalli Digital
This week, we'll explore the current state of the local work from home economy, and how businesses can utilize Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to maximize their digital presence.
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Maximizing Digital Face-Time During Covid-19

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The last month has brought with it unprecedented changes on a global scale. We find ourselves facing, arguably, more uncertainty than we have in any recent time, as the continued spread of COVID-19 ushers in waves of government mandated closures and social distancing.

Understandably, this places businesses (especially the small-scale, local Mom and Pop shops we know and love) in a rather vulnerable position. With streets devoid of people and storefronts closed to customers within an economy that has, in most respects, come to a grinding halt — how do brands survive? How can businesses continue to connect with consumers and inspire revenue from a distance? How do we best adapt to the new ‘normal’ which has been thrust upon us?

Fortunately, the agility of our local economy has aptly prevailed, and brands have quickly found ways to leverage digital content and tap into their community like never before.

Maximizing Digital Face-Time

Let’s face it — for many of us, our daily “step count” is on the decline and our screen time is on the rise. While it may be imperative that we strike a healthy balance between online and offline hours during this quarantine period, there is no denying that digital mediums are receiving more traffic than ever. As consumers shift to the work from home model, online time is often split amongst work, family, social, and news.

From a business perspective, this represents a perfect opportunity for brands to maximize digital face-time and truly implement a well thought out, consumer-centric digital strategy. At the present moment, our community is hungry for information and connection via digital forums. So, business owners, have you asked yourself the following?

Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist

  • What type of content are you providing? 
  • What stance does your messaging reflect? 
  • Is it that of a thought leader, or are you fading into the background?
  • Are you actively reviewing mentions of your brand, and keeping your finger on the pulse of industry updates?
  • Have you reviewed and refined your content calendar according to current events?
  • Are you engaging with your audience in a genuine, honest, and helpful manner?

Customer Experience During Covid

It’s important to remember that your customers are digital-savvy. Right now the floodgates are open. You can take advantage of this time to do a deep dive into your online presence.

  • Are you offering high-quality content across all mediums?
  • Is your website in need of an update?
  • Could your social media presence use a makeover?
  • Are there channels you aren’t utilizing?

If possible, use this stay-at-home period productively, especially in regards to the upkeep of your brand’s digital identity.

In the meantime, community awareness is more heightened than ever before. What does this mean for your brand? Good news, your customers haven’t gone anywhere; in fact, they’re probably more eager to hear from you than ever. By that, I don’t mean paid advertisements or marketing campaigns that could be perceived as tone-deaf during such uncertain times. Rather, I’m referring to the provision of support and the cultivation of community. We are, quite literally, all in this together — we share the uncertainty, we face many of the same challenges, but we can revel in community even if it’s from afar (Social Distancing 101).

Do you have any questions or need some help engaging your user’s during these unprecedented times? I’d love to hear from you!

Written by Brad Dalli

Founder and CEO of Dalli Digital