A New Google Partner Near You - Dalli Digital
This Google Partner program helps agencies like Dalli Digital help their clients more effectively reach their goals with Google Ads. As a Google Partner, Dalli Digital has access to Google's latest products, Google's market knowledge, and access to Google's global customer support. This allows us to provide our clients with the most effective advertising solutions to reach their goals.
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A New Google Partner Near You

A New Google Partner Near You

One should never sit on laurels earned, especially in the fields of technology and digital marketing. The playing field is in perpetual motion, ever-changing, and it is essential to maintain currency in that dynamic.

The same can be said about digital marketing, using the Internet to your advantage in bringing visitors to your online presence. Visitorship is important to a website’s success, but even more important to bringing visitors is bringing the right visitors – visitors who will convert to customers.

Dalli Digital has not stood still. We are in a constant state of ongoing education, wanting not only to become better at our craft but also to stay current with the latest in Internet user profile habits (how people use the Internet to find what they are looking for) and how Google makes adjustments to its search results.

To that end, Dalli Digital is very pleased to announce it has been awarded Google Partner status.  This designation comes after a deep dive into everything Google Ads, including:

●  Building our product knowledge; 

●  Enhancing our Google Ads skill sets;

●  Accessing global consumer insights;  

●  Accessing the Google Partners Support Center for the newest solutions for our client’s needs; and,

●  Accessing promotional offers we can share with our clients to boost their advertising budgets.

A Google Partners designation positions Dalli Digital to provide keener insight into managing our clients’ Google Ad campaigns.  At the moment, we are currently managing over $15,000 per month in Google Ads campaigns, and growing each month.  We are now able to offer all of our Google Ad clients $500 in ad spend, too.

The Google training and certification requirements in order to hold Google Partner designation prepare us to manage our clients’ Google Ad campaigns more effectively.  With Google support behind us, we have access to resources and technical support to enhance our work for clients and bring more highly focused results.

The ongoing training and further certifications will keep us current with both Google Ad advances and consumer search habits. Knowing how consumers use Google Search and what their search habits are, will help us better advise our clients. 

The ever-changing way in which consumers search, the keywords and long-tail keywords they use, and their search result expectations are important to understand when writing the copy for Google ads.  Access to ongoing and updated resources will further help us make adjustments in that copy to keep current with those expectations.

The results for our clients are obvious.  We can help their Google Ads keep current with the world of online search and keep our clients at the forefront of consumer search habits.  All of this will contribute to bringing more visitors, and more targeted visitors to our client’s online businesses. Whether selling services or products, we can position our clients’ ad campaigns to be easily found by those who are in need of those services and products.

Getting in Front of the Right Audience

It’s not enough to bring visitors to our client’s websites.  It’s far more important to bring the right visitors, ones who will be more likely to convert to customers.  We’re in an even better position to do that now, and we’re very excited about this.

When someone does a Google search now for “Google partner near me,” we now know we’ll be one of the top search results.  Yes, of course this is good for us, but more importantly, this is great for our clients. 

A boost of $500 to your Google Ad budget, and our enhanced experience and knowledge thanks to Google, are available now for all of our clients present and new. You’ll notice the Google Partner badge and the $500 ad spend credit that goes with it on our website now right on the home page. 

We wear that with great pride and would like to put it to good use for you.  Let us know how we can help you with the Google Ad campaign. You’ll get the jump start of $500 in your budget, and you’ll get our specialized skills being supported now by Google as one of its partners.

Visit Dalli Digital to contact us or schedule a call so we can review your needs and begin planning a campaign for you.  We can be reached at (416) 457-9753.  We’re ready to go to work for you.

A Google Partner Near you – Dalli Digital