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Maximizing Conversions: How EQPME Succeeded with Dalli Digital

Client Overview: EQPME is a leading player in the online equipment marketplace, offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. As an ambitious player in the industry, EQPME sought to increase its online visibility, generate more sales, and enhance its brand presence through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Client’s Challenge: EQPME approached Dalli Digital with a clear objective – to leverage the power of Google Ads to boost conversions, drive sales, and amplify their online presence within a highly competitive marketplace. Their primary challenges included:

  1. Low Conversion Rates: EQPME was struggling to convert website visitors into paying customers, resulting in suboptimal ROI.
  2. High Ad Spend: The client’s Google Ads campaigns were consuming a substantial budget without delivering the desired results.
  3. Competitor Dominance: Competitors like Quipli, EZRentOut, Bookable, and Rental were enjoying a more significant share of the market, making it challenging for EQPME to stand out.

Dalli Digital’s Solution: Dalli Digital embarked on a two-year journey to revamp EQPME’s digital presence and achieve their business objectives. Our approach consisted of the following key strategies:

  1. Google Ads Expertise: Our team of Google Ads specialists conducted a thorough analysis of EQPME’s existing campaigns and identified areas for optimization. We fine-tuned ad copy, targeting, and bidding strategies to maximize the ROI.
  2. Remarketing Success: Remarketing campaigns were a pivotal part of our strategy. By re-engaging with previous website visitors, we not only increased brand recall but also nudged potential customers closer to conversion. Remarketing achieved over 10,000 video views, solidifying EQPME’s presence in the minds of their target audience.
  3. Competitor Analysis: As Google Ads specialists, we closely monitored EQPME’s competitors, including Quipli, EZRentOut, Bookable, and Rental. By analyzing their campaigns, we discovered valuable keywords and strategies to gain a competitive edge.
  4. Brand Name Campaigns: We strategically targeted competitor brand names to divert potential customers towards EQPME. This proactive approach increased EQPME’s visibility and expanded their customer base.

Results Achieved: Over the two-year partnership with Dalli Digital, EQPME witnessed remarkable improvements in their digital marketing efforts:

  • 1120 Conversions: We achieved 1120 conversions, showcasing a significant increase in lead generation and sales.
  • $30.58 per Conversion: Dalli Digital’s optimization efforts resulted in a more efficient cost per conversion, driving higher ROI for EQPME.
  • $2.29 per Conversion: We significantly reduced the cost per conversion, ensuring EQPME’s marketing budget was allocated efficiently.
  • $34,200 in Ad Spend: Despite achieving substantial results, our campaign management ensured that EQPME’s ad spend remained within budget.
  • Remarketing Success: Remarketing played a crucial role in re-engaging potential customers, driving brand loyalty, and increasing conversions.

Looking Forward: While our partnership with EQPME has come to a close, we are committed to leveraging our two years of experience in the online equipment marketplace to help other businesses thrive. By continuing to monitor industry trends and competitor analytics, we remain at the forefront of digital marketing, ready to empower businesses in similar sectors.

At Dalli Digital, we take pride in our ability to transform challenges into opportunities and are excited to embark on new journeys with clients who seek to conquer the digital landscape.

Client Testimonial:

“From the beginning, Brad and his team have been an integral part of our startup’s growth. It’s not every day you find a specialist who truly cares about the impact they can make on a business. It’s always encouraging to know you have a great team like Dalli to run ideas by, without the formalities of a traditional agency.”

– Stephan Peralta Co-Founder and CPO, EQPME

Stephan Peralta, Co-Founder and CPO of EQPME, acknowledges the instrumental role that Dalli Digital played in the success of their startup. His testimonial highlights the personal and dedicated approach that Dalli Digital brought to the partnership, emphasizing the genuine care and commitment the team demonstrated throughout the journey. This collaborative and informal atmosphere allowed for open dialogue, fostering creativity and innovation, ultimately contributing to EQPME’s growth and achievements.