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The Generator Project

About This Project

The Generator Project was inspired by the blackout of August 14, 2003, on the Eastern seaboard of North America. Over 500 generating units shut down that day and it resulted in the power being shut off to over 55 million people in Canada and the United States anywhere from 2-7 days.

The Generator Project is all about remembering, capturing and leveraging the understanding of the importance of these connections in a world where we are increasingly faux connected through likes, followers and emoticons.

We helped The Generator Project leverage social media marketing to engaged with their target audience. We achieved this by developing a customized social strategy that was used to grow an engaged audience. One way we did this was by maintaining and engaging with The Generator Projects social audience’s on Facebook and Twitter and creating a real sense of community with our online followers. By creating engaging and shareable content we integrated The Generator Project marketing strategy and branding with all aspects of their online presence.

One key way in which we were able to engaged and find The Generator Project’s target audience was by using paid social media advertising platforms like Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allowed us to create a target audience by using typical factors one would generally use when developing a target audience, like personal demographics, interests, spending habits, income, education and participation in charitable chases (very important for The Generator Project). We developed a model of The Generator Projects ideal participate which ended up being around 50,000 people within Toronto and the GTA. After the target audience was identified we created several advertising campaigns that would engaged with them are get them to join the cause. We were able to do this at the relatively low cost of under $0.50/engagement.

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Brad was very helpful in getting our social media sites up and running when we launched the Generator Project. We would not have achieved what we did with the project if it had not been for Brad’s effort.

– Pete Bombaci, Founder

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