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Check out our list of some of the creative ways to post content on social media for business. If you're looking for more ideas to post on social media for your small business, check out our other posts on the topic.
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What To Post On Social Media For A Business (Other Than Blogs!)

Having a good content strategy to go with your social media strategy will help your business a lot when thinking about what the heck to post on social media. Every business knows that they should be posting engaging blog posts on their social sites, as well as sharing content from other people, but what other organic content should you be posting?

Posting content on social media that is relevant to your audience is super important, so when you’re thinking of filling content gaps between blog posts, it’s important to consider who your audience is first and foremost. Remember that as a company, you want to post content that is only relevant to your market, as you want to position yourself as an authentic voice and keep things consistent for your followers.

Now, we’re going to answer your question ‘what to post on social media for business’ aside from blog posts.

Social Media Post Ideas for Business

1. Inside looks & behind the scenes

Customers and potential customers want to feel like they can really know you as a company, and the best way to do that is on social media. Social media is all about relationships, so why not use that to your advantage? Make a “Meet the team” weekly post and do a short bio of one of your awesome employees. Or, post images of “behind the scenes” looks at your day-to-day life. Even if it’s a desk with a coffee on it, people like to be able to humanize your business.

2. Customer Testimonials on Social Media

Sharing customer reviews is a great way to not only reach your followers, but also build brand loyalty and create trust. Social proof is a strong way to generate leads and it does the added bonus of giving your current customers a nice boost. When a customer leaves a review for you on Google, Yelp, or even via email thanking you, ask them if it’s okay to share it on social media. Bonus points if you design a nice little image to go with it so it’s not just blank text.

Here’s an example from one of our clients The Generator Project

3. Infographics

People love infographics, and they’re an excellent way of getting shares from other industry people and businesses. Infographics are incredibly rich content, and they can be relatively easy to make. Canva is a free tool where you can drag-and-drop icons to make your own infographic. If you don’t have any data or studies, don’t worry – infographics can be purely playful, like this one by I Love Coffee. The whole point of infographics is information, so don’t stress about how in depth it is!

4. Really good images

You can never go wrong with good, quality pictures. Post pictures of your products, marketing photos that look authentic (and not like advertising pictures), and any images that’ll speak to your audience. It’s okay to curate images and post from other social media sites. At the end of the day, everyone loves a gorgeous picture. Umbra does a great job of curating images that don’t seem like marketing push.

5. Industry news

Your audience wants to know what’s going on with your industry, so when you’re stuck wondering what to post on social media, scan Google News to see what other people are talking about. Is there a cool company across the world doing something innovative in your field? Is there a law or regulation coming out? Did something go viral that you think your customers would love? Be the one in the know and share away.

6. Tutorials

If possible, post video tutorials or even pictures stitched together (again, Canva is great for that!) showcasing a “how to”. This content is incredible sharable on social media – think of all those recipe videos we all binge watch! Think creatively about what your business has to offer and don’t feel down if you think your company doesn’t have anything to “how-to”, there’s always something. If you’re a law office, what about a “life hacks for office storage”? Or, if you’re a floor installation company, what about a “how-to” video about preparing for new floors? Chances are, you can think of something!

7. Surveys or opinions

People love to talk on social media, so when you’re thinking about what else to post on social media other than blogs, why not ask your audience? Curate content by asking them to post pictures of them using your project and then take the best posts and make them into a blog for the following week. Ask them to vote for a new product name, or even get their opinion on something to buy for the office. Anything that is fun and conversational is sure to get your audience engaged.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you post on social media, and you’re definitely not limited to only posting blog posts and original content. It’s totally okay to curate content or use your audience for inspiration. Posting regular, quality content of all sorts is the best way to get results and measure what works and what doesn’t.

Need some help figuring out your content strategy, or give your Digital Marketing campaign a boost? We would love to help, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

Written by Brad Dalli

Founder and CEO of Dalli Digital