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Team I Will

About This Project

Team “I Will” (TIW) was founded by Robert MacDonald in 2015, with the purpose of furthering his recovery from injuries and to show his appreciation to Toronto Rehab Foundation for giving him a second chance in life. Running marathons was close to his heart before his accident, and still is a passion of Robert’s which he is using as a tool to raise money and awareness for his charity.

Growing the organization was the main goal for Team ‘I Will’ in 2017. Creating more awareness of the group, increasing registrations, as well as the increasing monetary contributions all fit within the organizations goal of growth 2017.

Team “I Will” primary form of communication and registration is online based and as such they need a place where the community could communicate, join and donate.  During our first meeting it was established they needed help with a connection to the community, the vision: a high quality, user friendly website with a modern design which highlights the organization and its goals.  Dalli Digital collaborative team created a website that highlighted the goal of our client, met their needs and exceeded their expectations.

User experience is one of the most important functions of any website. The user wants to navigate a website easily and without getting lost or side tracked. The result: was created with a classic black and white colour scheme, large fonts that stand out, and large images which are significant to the story of the organization. Colours and images, mixed with videos keep the eye of the viewer engaged, and constantly searching and uncovering more within the site itself. Ultimately this site was built with a modern design, as  requested by Team “I Will” in the initial meeting with Dalli Digital. Finally, once the website was officially created, Robert was pleased with the result of the new website, and Team “I Will” has continued to grow into 2018.

How were these goals achieved in 2017? Well, there was 63% new member registration with 4 out of the 5 top fundraisers being a new member, of which Robert has never met. During the peak of marathon season, June 15th – November 1st we had 1,053 users visit the site who visited on average 2.5 pages on the site. There was no paid advertising used for website which meant that 100% of the traffic was organic!

Dalli digital was able to take my framework and design exactly what we wanted in a website. I am a perfectionist so to get exactly what we wanted shows how talented this team is. I noticed through the process their digital knowledge and background was extremely helpful for the end user once we were up and live. Thanks Dalli Digital.

– Robert MacDonald, Team I Will Founder

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