Customer Story: Carl's Catering The Glen - How We Increased Leads 75% For Our Client - Dalli Digital
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Customer Story: Carl’s Catering The Glen – How We Increased Leads 75% For Our Client

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website
About This Project

The Challenge

Carl’s Catering is a family run business that specializes as a catering and event venue in the Greater Toronto Area. With the events and catering industry so saturated by competition, budgets, and industry changes, it was hard for Carl’s Catering to generate enough leads to keep the business running as planned.

With business slowing down and clients trickling in, Bino Dalli knew his marketing tactics weren’t working. “We were really doing things the old school way,” says Dalli. “We relied on client referrals and word of mouth, which used to be enough a few years ago.” With a focus on print advertising and the odd social media post here and there, the business knew something had to change if they wanted to make it into 2017.

The Solution  

It was time for Carl’s Catering to catch up online through various digital marketing techniques. First: Update the entire website, focusing on SEO and content. Then, create a social media and content strategy that can go hand-in-hand to generate engagement, leads, and clicks through to the website. From there, targeted ad campaigns, email campaigns, and outbound marketing tactics brought life back into the business.

The shining star of Carl’s Catering revival is a weekly blog, which provides educational content around weddings and events. Covering topics such as “How to plan a corporate party” to “I’m engaged! Now what?!” Carl’s Catering has created an engagement loop, allowing content to be shared via social media, Facebook ads, and email campaigns. The blog provides endless, reusable content for the business – a no brainer to Dalli.

To create another touchpoint with leads and clientele, an email marketing campaign was put in place. The monthly newsletter sees an open rate of 25%, above the industry average of 21.21% for the events industry.

Lastly, all of these efforts integrate seamlessly into a targeted Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaign. By focusing great content on target audiences, Carl’s Catering was able to see an increase in leads and click-through rates.

Take a look at this video we produced – directed by Scott Douglas at SKD Media which perfectly encompasses the Carl’s Catering brand


By having a defined digital marketing strategy, Carl’s Catering has been able to increase leads by 75% and increase web traffic by 35% last year.

Social media advertising resulted in 60% of the website’s leads, with a cost of roughly 1/4 of a previous lead.

Social media advertising is 75% more effective at bringing leads in the door as compared to all other forms of advertising currently being used and has resulting in an overall boost in revenue for 2016. We’re looking forward to even more success in 2017, with a focus on targeted social media advertising and engagement strategy.

Written by Brad Dalli

Founder and CEO of Dalli Digital