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Mazze Flynn Real Estate

About This Project

About Mazze Flynn: Welcome to a new era in real estate, one that is about so much more than selling homes. For MazzeFlynn, it is about attentiveness, putting clients’ needs first and giving them a paramount experience…it’s about you!  MazzeFlynn was established based on the principle of going above and beyond expectations to ensure exceptional satisfaction by clients, giving distinct care to the finer details and working rigorously for each and every one of them regardless of the value of their home.

About The Project: When Mazze Flynn first approached us about designing their new website they had one major requests, the ability to make edits to the website without having knowledge of code.

The main reason the team at Mazze Flynn wanted the ability to make these changes on there own is because in the real estate market moves very quickly and properties often sell within days of being added online. Therefor, they wanted the ability to add and remove homes they are currently selling on the fly!

In order for Mazze Flynn to understand how to make website changes we provided them with an hour of free consulting and now they are able to make the changes on there website by themselves!

Brad’s knowledge of website usability, particularly his recommendations about implementing and maximizing various features, helped optimize the effectiveness of our website and make it very user-friendly.  In the end, Brad’s accommodation of our timeline and taking extra time to ensure everything was done right and we were 100% happy with the outcome made for a very impressive website that we’re proud to show off!

– Jackie Mazze, Founding Partner of Mazze Flynn Real Estate

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