Case Study: Digital Marketing for the Logistics Industry - Dalli Digital
This case study provides an overview of Mactrans Logistics' digital marketing strategy, from inception to date. Dalli Digital leveraged social media, website optimization, email marketing, Google AdWords, and paid ad campaigns to achieve 127% growth over the past two years.
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Case Study: Digital Marketing for the Logistics Industry

Dalli Digital - Digital Marketing for the Logistics Industry


Mactrans Logistics is an industry leader in the provision of Third Party Logistics (3PL) services across North America. In an effort to better leverage their expertise across digital mediums, they enlisted the services of Dalli Digital to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with measurable results.

Here’s how we developed an effective online presence for Mactrans Logistics since March of 2017, leveraging digital momentum to attract new customers, reinforce their brand reputation, and increase web traffic.


Mactrans Logistics sought out the expertise of a dedicated digital marketing agency in order to effectively plan, execute and maintain their digital marketing strategy. Our goal was to further establish Mactrans Logistics as an industry leader and increase brand recognition in the supply chain space, while identifying relevant channels to share thought leadership content.

With a strong reputation already intact, we were able to almost double prospects while leveraging Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin platforms to showcase industry knowledge and expertise.

Our Roles

Google Ads + New Prospects

Social Media Content + Thought Leadership Blogs

Email Campaigns

SEO + Website Traffic 

Business Growth 

What’s the hallmark of a successful engagement? Business growth. Over the course of our partnership, we’ve leveraged social activity, website optimization, ad campaigns, and thought leadership to achieve 127% growth. Fortunately, that growth did not come at the cost of scalability; by outsourcing their marketing efforts, the team at Mactrans Logistics was able to focus their time and energy where it mattered most: customer relationships and management.

With years of experience, Mactrans Logistics was already a trusted authority within the logistics industry but, with our help, they have solidified their position as a sought-after 3PL provider across North America. 

We’ve been working with Brad and Dalli Digital for over three years now and our company have experienced significant growth over that time. Mactrans has been included on the Globe & Mail’s Top-Growing Canadian companies list for the last three years in a row. Since hiring Dalli Digital are customers are more engaged and our sales team has a steady flow of leads coming in. I would highly recommend Dalli Digital to any business looking to take their marketing actives to the next level. 

Google AdWords

Thanks to a well-articulated Google AdWord strategy, we made sure Mactrans Logistics’ online properties performed well across the search engine. Over the course of the past two years, we generated more traffic and leads than the company had previously experienced, quickly earning Mactrans Logistics a coveted search rank in the appropriate sector.

With a comprehensive strategy in place and increased spending allotted to this aspect of the business, Mactrans Logistics will be able to better reach their key, target audience, on the right channel, at the right time.

Key Google Ads Statistics

Throughout our engagement with Mactrans Logistics, we’ve had great success spearheading targeted Google Ad campaigns. Some notable achievements include (From April 2019 to May 2023):

  • 2570 conversions/web forms filled out
  • $15.97 – average cost per conversion/web form filled out
  • 1,630 phone calls
  • 9.65% conversion rate
  • 465,000 impressions 
  • 26,643 website clicks

Social Media Content + Thought Leadership Blogs 

In this digital era, it becomes increasingly important for brands — regardless of industry — to distinguish themselves from the noise. Content is king and, as such, thought leadership content can act as an incredible catalyst to the growth of a brand, both online and offline.

Mactrans Logistics has long been established as a leader in the transportation management space, but it was our responsibility to better convey that authority and expertise to the masses. The high-level content we developed on their behalf would build trust, while providing value to current and prospective customers, while generating brand momentum across social platforms. 

With a focus on LinkedIn and Email Marketing, we were able to effectively showcase our client’s industry knowledge and expertise while increasing engagement and followers across each platform.

High Performing Thought Leadership Articles

1: The Retail Landscape is Changing — What Does it Mean for Your Supply Chain?

2: The Biggest Pain Points in the Logistics Industry — And How to Avoid Them

3: 5 Things You Can Do to Save on Canadian LTL

4: Shipping to Canada’s Territories

Unsurprisingly, the most successful posts have been blogs that provide value and insight into the industry. To continue refining Mactrans Logistics thought leadership strategy, we conduct A/B testing of what resonates with the audience and inspires the most engagement.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Studies indicate an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing, with 81% of small businesses relying on email as their primary acquisition channel. Dalli Digital had great success spearheading Mactrans Logistics email campaigns, with a steady and growing number of unique opens, along with a strong overall performance.Utilizing email marketing, we were able to drive website traffic, cultivate relationships with customers, and generate leads and prospects


If there is one thing every digital marketer can agree on, it’s this – It doesn’t matter how great your content or service offering is, if no one sees it. Across today’s digital landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) is increasingly important for the success of any business. As Google becomes increasingly competitive for organic ranking, brands like Mactrans Logistics can utilize SEO best practices to achieve higher search rankings to increase website visibility, online leads, and brand awareness.

During our six months of implementing SEO, we were able to transform Mactrans Logistics’ SEO strategy, and drastically improve their organic ranking and on-page experience to drive business.

Key SEO Statistics

  • 200% increase in the number of keywords ranked in Google (top 100)
    • From – 200 to 600 keywords.
  • Several keywords in top 10/page
    • 1 without any link-building 
  • 90 keywords on page 1
  • Increased non-branded keywords (clicks) by 50%
  • Increased organic traffic by 15% during the pandemic (45% in the following 3 months)
  • Increased traffic from mobile devices by 100%
  • Increased page-speed from 7 seconds to 1.3 seconds

Website Traffic 

In many ways, a company’s website serves as both a critical first impression, and a home base for customers. Visual elements should be clear and stylish, content should be informative and strategic, and call to actions should be compelling enough to convert leads to customers.

In August of 2020, we built and deployed a new and improved iteration of Mactrans Logistics’ website. This was a priority for the business, as their original site lacked mobile optimization and offered a poor user experience. By revamping their site with improved functionality across devices, new imagery, and SEO-optimized website copy, we were able to transform the user experience and encourage lead generation. Since deploying the new website, traffic has grown by 20%.

Ready to up the ante on your digital marketing strategy this year? We can help. Click here for more information.